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Picture Jasper Pendant


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Having absorbed the techniques of superior jewelry-making since early childhood, from his illustrious father, Al Joe, this young man does what comes naturally.

He creates beautiful, flawlessly executed pieces in his own, award-winning style. Just look at this pendant.

A piece of natural “picture” jasper is set in sturdy silver, with a bail large enough to slip over silver beads, multiple strands of nuggets or heishi, or anything you wish.

The artist cut the stone so it resembles a mountainous landscape, wth a cloud at the very top.

Or, the waves of  roiling sea, with a stormy sky above. Or, whatever you see in the pattern! The markings of the stone are entirely natural.

The lovely, subtle grey-ish greens of the jasper are modulated, from darkest at the top to lighter, just above the ruddy brown peaks.

This gives the illusion of light filtering through a cloudy, or twilit, sky, and produces an effect of depth.

With the only ornamentation the incredibly regular chiseled edge of the silver bezel, this pendant radiates serenity.

Nothing distracts from the majestic tranquillity of the stone; the graceful, rounded teardrop form of the pendant accentuates this, as well.

There is sublime elegance to the pendant; the elegance of perfect simplicity, proportion, and restraint.

Creative vision, secure technique, and in-born artistry combine, in this luminous pendant.

Both father and son Joe show how less really IS more!

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Natural Picture Jasper, Sterling Silver


2 1/2" L x 1" W