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Pictorial Inlaid Pendant


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This jewelry artist is gifted with amazing imagination and skill, which he uses to piece together magnificent, intricately inlaid creations.

In this pendant, he portrays one of the Navajo lands’ iconic rock formations, against a star-spangled night sky, decorated with colorful heavenly bodies.

Every bit of stone, and shell, no matter how small, has been cut and inlaid by Sammy’s talented hands.

At the upper left is a representation of a Native Sunface, shown with appropriately dark, rich colors, since this is a night scene.

A red coral comet trails two turquoise filaments as its tail, at the right of the stately rock outcrop.

A turquoise planet is at the left of the stony column, with a bright green one toward the upper right, and a dark blue-violet orb, further down.

Two arrowheads of mother of pearl, with red coral outlines, point toward the earth, leaving paths of red coral, gaspeite, and turquoise stripes, behind them.

These might symbolize the powers and blessings of the heavens descending to the earth.

Tiny, inlaid silver dots beautifully depict the star-studded desert sky at night.

All these wonderful inlaid elements are meticulously inlaid in a slab of polished, natural jet, which lets the colors really sing.

Sammy enclosed the pictorial inlay with a simple, highly polished, silver border that sits on a flat piece of silver.

The silver base matches the shape of the jet, but extends just slightly, to form a gleaming frame to the inlaid picture.

A large, prettily stamped silver bale will accommodate many necklace sizes and styles.

This pendant is not only a splendid example of skill and artistry, but it is also a showstopper.

Wear it in any situation – it will look sensational with casual, as well as tailored, or dressier clothes – as long as you’re prepared to receive the “ooohs and ahhhs” that are sure to follow!

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Inlaid Gaspeite, Inlaid Jasper, Inlaid Sugilite, Inlaid Turquoise, Natural Black Jet, Inlaid Mother of Pearl, Inlaid Natural Red Coral, Inlaid Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver


3 1/8" L x 1 1/2" W