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Picasso Marble Wolf Fetish


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Lance, and his family, are major, award-winning fetish carvers. He is credited to have developed the realistic style of carving. One look at this fine wolf says it all: grace, texture, sharply carved, naturalistic details. Look at that big bushy tail ready to wave; his expression is alert and wary. The paws, ears, muzzle – everything is meticulously depicted. The handsome stone is a wonderful mix of greys, browns, and some dark almost-black markings. This really suggests a wolf’s natural coloring, and the artist has carved an all-over texture to simulate the shaggy fur pelt. His stance is also realistic; he is crouched and wary, poised to fight or flee. Maybe turquoise eyes are not all that natural, but they certainly add a vivid accent to the carving. The wolf is Guardian of the East, lending hunters of large game, like antelope and deer, his hunting skills, and protecting them, too. This marvelous carving will delight hunters, fetish collectors, wolf admirers, and sculpture fans. Everyone, really. Another major piece by this legendary carver.

Picasso Marble, Turquoise

Width: 3 3/4″ Height: 3/4″ Depth: 1″