Picasso Marble Wolf Fetish with Offering

Robert Weahkee


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An appealing wolf fetish by a member of the prominent Weahkee family of fetish carvers. He is carved in the old style, more abstract than realistic, but with a definitely recognizable bushy tail, held high.

Wolves are revered for their legendary hunting skills, and their fidelity to family units, as well as to the pack. The wolf is also Guardian of the East, for the Zuni.

Carved from one block of variegated Picasso marble, the different grey and brown markings recall the real fur of a wolf.

Smooth to the finish, he sports a medicine bundle, symbol of  prayers that the wolf’s attributes will carry over to the owner.

The bits of natural red coral, turquoise, mother of pearl and white clamshell, against the glossy brown of the commercial sinew, add little accents of color to the piece. So do his blue turquoise eyes.

Notice how his tail is held out to one side, an unexpected and pleasing touch.

Unusual and dramatic in the material, this is part of the long tradition of fetishes, in its pleasing style.


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