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Picasso Marble Lizard


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Dan Quam is credited with starting the innovative realistic style of fetish carving, but others have taken up the lead, and done just as well – case in point right here. This marvelous lizard is carved from one block of Picasso marble, and has all the slithery, scaly good looks and carved out long tail as the Master’s work.Head turned,ready to spring and scuttle away, this handsome lizard is remarkably detailed and finely carved. Notice how the long, long tail extends beneath and around the base. The proportions are natural, the claws are individually depicted, and the head is perfect. Purists will argue that lizards don’t have blue turquoise eyes, but, after all, this is a southwestern lizard!Terrific carving, animated pose, and a price to warm the collector’s heart – a wonderful combination.

Picasso Marble, Turquoise

Width: 3″ Height: 1″ Depth: 1 3/8″