Picasso Marble Lizard Fetish


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Lance Cheama is famous for detailed, naturalistic and very special award-winning animal carvings. The Cheama family is regarded as among the three leading fetish carver families, working today. This lizard is a wonderfully characteristic piece, exhibiting Lance's sinuous lines and life-like detail. The lizard's body is precisely carved into a naturalistic “skin”, and he has an open mouth. Legs and paws are equally detailed, and even the underside is realistically incised. Bright turquoise eyes – not zoologically correct, but striking – protrude realistically and the pre-historic scales along the spine are clearly delineated. The long tail is curled protectively, and he looks ready to scoot at a nanosecond's alarm. That curled and open tail is a Cheama trademark. All one piece, of course, this wonderful lizard is true to nature in every detail. A typical triumph of observation and skill, by this famous carver.

Picasso Marble, Turquoise

Width: 1 1/8″ Height: 1/2″ Depth: 4 3/8″