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Picasso Marble Horse Fetish


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Jeff Shetima is related to the Boone family of fetish carvers, and is famous for his detailed animal fetishes.

Like this elegant horse, they are extremely well crafted and very beautiful. His detailed faces, feet, and heads are among the finest in Zuni.

This splendid horse is typical of his fine work, in its exquisitely naturalistic head, expression and muscularity. Caught in mid-stride, he seems to be trotting in the breeze, full tail held high.

The mane is delicately carved in low relief, and the ears and muzzle are amazingly realistic in detail.

The eyes are inlaid boulder opal, which show up well in the Picasso marble – a wonderfully marked jasper. The brownish-blackish, variegated markings of the stone are especially well-suited to the subject.

This is a splendid, exceptionally carved and finished mini-sculpture, and all one piece, including the base!  It will look wonderful on your shelf, desk, mantel; anywhere it is placed.

Horse lovers will especially appreciate the refinement and realism of the carving, but everyone will admire it.

Words are not really necessary; the carving speaks for itself, and it says, “Wow, that is one handsome carving!”





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Boulder Opal, Picasso Marble


4 1/4" wide x 3 1/8" high x 1 3/4" deep