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Picasso Marble Horned Toad Fetish


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Michael Coble was mentored by Herbert Him, and like his older teacher, is known for meticulous detail in his animal carvings. This style has won each of them many awards.

Horned toads, actually lizards, are sacred to the Navajo, but also frequently seen all over the high desert. Because of this, many Zuni carvers have been known to carve horned toads over the years. Their common name refers directly to their flattened, rounded bodies, blunt snouts, and stubby tails.

These elusive little creatures are a lively challenge for carvers, with their scaly skin and dinosaur-like heads. This one is carved in Michael’s detailed style, which can almost be mistaken for the real thing (if not for the colors of the stone)!

Though this small horned toad can seem fierce and ancient to some, or even friendly and comforting to others, he is supposed to offer the strongest protection against evil and bad luck.

Made from one piece of Picasso marble, every detail is deeply carved and cleanly visible.

A masterful carving by this artist, who already has a Master’s reputation!

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Picasso Marble, Turquoise


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