Picasso Marble Fox

Karen Zunie


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This carver is known for the realistic detail of her fetishes. She acquired some of her skill while married to Lance Cheama, one of the most famous carvers in Zuni.  However, her own style and skill is evident in this marvelous fox.

The fox is admired for his elusiveness, ability to avoid detection, and hunting skill. When in a tight spot, the fox will help you blend in, make no overt moves, and plan your escape.

This fox is so meticulously carved that you almost want to stroke his furry pelt and fluffy tail.

His head is also realistically proportioned and delicately detailed. Only the bright turquoise eyes tell you that this is definitely a Southwest fox!

Low to the ground and ready to spring, with careful attention to realistic detail, and carved from an unusually subtly marked Picasso marble, this handsome fox seems ready to lead you to a succulent henhouse.

As for Karen Zunie, this lady can really carve, as her numerous mentions and awards attest.



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