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Picasso Marble Bear with Feathers


Stylized bear made of laminated black and brow Picasso marble, brown limestone and peach marble, with a bundle of natural macaw feathers tied on with turquoise heishi.

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This nationally celebrated sculptor creates table-sized work as well as monumental statues for public buildings. This elegant table fetish – or is it a sculpture? – will grace your home with beautifully serene form, lively markings in Picasso marble, two other unusual stones, and a pouf of natural macaw feathers to add textural and colorful variety.

Dramatically marked Picasso marble is the main material, with two stripes of warm brown Afghan limestone that matches some of the colors in the marble. These stripes form the edges of a wide band of delicately peachy-pink, slightly sparkling, Portuguese marble. Around this, in the center of the bear’s back, a belt of green turquoise heishi supports a spray of natural parrot feathers in warm hues that reflect those in the stones. Natural red coral, and blue turquoise slices, add more color.

Bears are traditionally Guardians of the West, so this marvelous, minimalist version will add protection, as well as delighting the eye and the hand. It is impossible not to caress that smooth stone! So smooth to the touch, your fingers will never guess it is composed of several types of stone, joined together. Visual gratification, serenity of form, and age-old history, brought beautifully into your 21st-century home – or office.



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Coral, Brown Afghan Limestone, Light Orange Portuguese Marble, Macaw Feathers, Picasso Marble, Turquoise Stone