Picasso Marble Badger


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Maegan, the young niece of well-known fetish carver Jeff Shetima, learned well, by watching her uncle, and has created this graceful and expertly finished badger fetish.

In Zuni culture, badgers are Guardians of the South and are healing and protective animals: They help medicine men dig up the roots and herbs needed in healing ceremonies.

The subtle markings of the Picasso marble stone are all within a brown-black palette, very similar to the actual animal.

Flat to the ground, with bright red coral eyes, and pointy nose and ears, this alert badger is sleek and polished, the better to display, caress and enjoy.

In keeping with the warm, earthy palette of the stone, his medicine bundle consists of a lustrous, mother of pearl arrowhead.

This is a lovely carving, nicely calibrated to fit between the old, minimalist fetish style, and the more recent, more naturalistic, tendency.

This is a handsome start to a distinguished carving career!

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Commercial Sinew, Inlaid Natural Red Coral, Mother of Pearl, Natural Picasso Marble


2 1/2" L x 1" W