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Petroglyph & Spiral Bracelet


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The artist has a nationally acclaimed reputation for his intricately detailed jewelry, often sporting ancient petroglyph symbols.

In this sharply delineated, dramatic design, images in 14-karat gold stand out from the textured and darkened silver background.

The texture in between the figures represents rain, a major blessing in the desert, and also the rough surfaces of rocks, where these symbols originated.

In the center, the charmingly joined figures of a human couple is surrounded by the hand of protection and blessing, lightning, stars, the sun to the left and the crescent moon to the right.

There is a deer or goat, representing food animals, and the spiral of life, also signifying water, above their heads. All these symbols refer to happiness, good health and prosperity.

The sides of the bracelet are chiseled in crisp, large-scaled wind and cloud designs. The inside is embellished with a decorative row of hand stamped designs, for the wearer’s eyes only.

Award-winning technique and design, in a strikingly attractive piece, by this eagerly collected artist.



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14k Gold, Sterling Silver


1" w

Cuff Size

4 7/8"

Gap Size

1 3/8"

Wrist Size

6 1/4"