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Petroglyph Round Posts


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This well-known award-winning jeweler is ceaselessly creative.

He repeatedly innovates, while somehow retaining a signature style.

Here, his wonderful version of petroglyph designs are overlaid in reverse!

Instead of cutting out the motifs from a sheet of silver, and soldering them over the background, he has overlaid a sheet of silver over the darkened and chiseled  background, and then cut out the tiny designs.

Much harder, even, than the usual overlay; the result is graphic, and decorative.

The River or Path of Life spiral is seen in the center, with the hand of protection and blessing, below.

There is a bear, various rain symbols, a tadpole, and a star intricately intertwined over the slightly rounded surface.

Water is the source of life, and a powerful and precious blessing in the arid southwest.

The star symbolizes the prayer that this great blessing goes out to the four corners of the world, benefitting everyone.


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Sterling Silver


1 1/8" Diameter