Petroglyph Ring with Turquoise


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Not content with just an extraordinary, natural turquoise stone, the artist has surrounded it with his trademark tiny petroglyph figures in 14-karat gold over sterling silver.

Against the dark silver background of the broad shank, the gold figures glitter and gleam in the light.

A hand-in-hand couple center the curved back of the shank, with a water spiral, hands of blessing and protection, lightning, the cross shape that refers to the four corners of the earth, and a galloping mountain goat.

All the symbols convey very good luck, referring to water, protection, enough to eat, and spreading these blessings over the entire earth, to all peoples.

Award-winning metal work is expected from this multi-talented, renowned jeweler; the choicest stones are also expected, and he always comes through.

The remarkable, long oval stone is coveted, natural Carico Lake turquoise, with a most unusual spider web pattern of matrix.

Carico Lake’s famous green color is seen behind the lacy pattern of warm golden brown, which adds a rich texture to the stone.

Set within Arland’s fastidiously precise metal work, the fabulous turquoise adds the green of land to the water symbols.

Moreover, its warm matrix relates beautifully to the applied gold figures.

A masterful piece by this acknowledged master jeweler and photographer, this ring is an understated show-stopper. – very special, and very wearable.

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