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With superb workmanship and intriguing designs that blend the ancient and the chic, Arland’s work is renowned for beautiful wearability, as well. These earrings are tailored in form and size, with decorative petroglyph figures that glisten against the sterling silver. They go to work and enjoy the evening with equal aplomb, and are perfect for travel – you don’t need to take any other earrings! Ancient rock art figures in 14-karat gold stand out against the textured and darkened silver background. They vary somewhat on each earring, making the pair even more interesting.,p> On one, you see a human couple, charmingly hand-in-hand, with a crescent moon, a couple of stars, the hand of blessing, and a squiggly line that ends in an arrowhead. This might represent lightning, the precursor of rain, or the hopes, prayers, and blessings of the couple rising up to the heavens. Or, maybe to the four corners of the earth, which those four-pointed shapes also symbolize.The other earring repeats the hand of blessing, the stars, and the arrow, but also shows a spiral and an animal. Sometimes called the river of life, the spiral represents water, a vitally good luck sign in the desert. The animal is seen in full leap, with a nice set of horns or antlers. It represents hunting prey; animals that provide food, such as deer, elk, mountain sheep and goats. Water, food, love, all these are blessings that extend everywhere you go in the world. That is the meaning of these symbols, and that message is as beautiful as the exquisitely wrought earrings themselves.

Sterling Silver, 14k Gold

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