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Petroglyph Pendant with Stone


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An effective contrast of polished silver designs, applied onto a textured and darkened background, displays a trio of good luck signs.

These ancient good luck symbols, inspired by those etched on rock faces centuries ago, gleam in glistening contrast to the base silver.

A stylized dragonfly, two dots symbolizing raindrops, a cross symbolizing the four corners of the world, a bear, and the spiral river of life, refer to the blessing of water, the source of life.

The bear brings protection, strength, and hunting skill – therefore prosperity and good health, all around.

The smooth, polished bail complements the shining petroglyph motifs.

One side of the pendant is irregular, suggesting flowing water, and also the jagged rocks where  the originals were carved.

At the bottom of the pendant, a luminous purple charoite is set in a raised circle. This harmonizes with the circular spiral, and puts a visual period to the line-up of designs.

Charoite is a rare mineral, discovered in 1978, and found only in Siberia.

Its lovely lilac hue  and marble-like variations are distinctive, and immediately recognizable.

It adds just the right touch of luxurious color to the silver design.

Handsome as the pendant is, there’s even more: In the Navajo way, there is beauty everywhere, even hidden on the reverse.

There, two rows of graceful spirals forms an unexpected, delightful design.

A little secret for the owner to share, or not, this charming touch exemplifies the care, love, and attention to detail the artist brought to the whole pendant.

Beautiful in inspiration, message, materials, and execution, this pendant is special in every way.

You can even wear it on either side.

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Natural Charoite, Sterling Silver


3 1/2" L x 7/8" W