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Petroglyph Dangles


Round silver tops and triangular bottoms. Tops are appliqueed with 14-karat gold petroglyph motifs on dark and textured background: spiral of water, hand of protection and blessing; a mountain goat, for meat. All are good luck symbols. Bottom is overlaid on matte black background with triangular cloud sign.

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Arland’s work is renowned for beautiful wearability, as well as superb workmanship and intriguing designs that blend the ancient and the chic. These handsome dangles combine circles and triangles, gold petroglyph figures and a silver overlay cloud motif, in striking juxtaposition.

Ancient rock art figures in 14-karat gold stand out against the textured and darkened silver background. A hand of blessing and protection, a water spiral, and a mountain goat represent good luck: water, the source of life, protection, and meat for nourishment. The star above expresses the wish that these blessings extend to all the corners of the earth.

Each gleaming element stands out beautifully, against the darkened and textured background silver. The luster of the polished silver edge on the top continues in the silver motif overlaid on the triangular dangle. This design represents a rain cloud, another symbol of good luck.

Flawlessly precise, each element of these earrings relates to the other, in theme and design. The yin of the round tops is in beautiful tension with the yang of the sharply angled bottom dangles; water, protection, and food translate to good health, happiness and prosperity. That message is as beautiful as the exquisitely wrought earrings themselves. These blessings go with you, everywhere you wear these exceptional dangles. And, admiring glances and comments will follow,






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14k Gold, Sterling Silver


2" long x 1" wide