Petroglyph Cuff with Natural Turquoise


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A major presence in the Indian art world, this award-winning jeweler has a special ability to use traditional Hopi motifs and symbols in a thoroughly contemporary way.

The precision of his tufa-cast designs is also legendary.

Tufa casting is very tricky. Tufa is a naturally hardened volcanic material that is like compressed sand, and therefore crumbles easily.

Only one or two casts can be made from the hand-carved tufa mold, and delicate lines are a real challenge.

This bracelet has a wonderful graphic quality, thanks to the artfully darkened background and the meticulous technique.

The raised and polished petroglyph symbols surround a gorgeous, large, natural turquoise.

The artist was not sure which mine produced it, but that intense, radiant hue looks like the finest Blue Gem turquoise.

The edges of the bracelet are polished, and smoothed, so it is as comfortable as it is handsome. The individual, raised motifs gleam, as well.

The carefully delineated symbols are authentic designs seen on ancient rock art: rain, meat animals, water spiral, hand of blessing and protection, a ceremonial dancer.

Water is the source of life and precious in the high desert of Hopi land; deer provide meat. The dancer prays for these good things.

Crosses representing stars, and a crescent moon also appear. The broad cross symbolizes the four corners of the earth, the hoped-for extent of these blessings.

All the symbols signify happiness, good luck, good health and prosperity.

And, there’s a secret on the interior: a completely different, tufa-cast design of water signs, stars, and a large sun – nature in balance, which is the ideal.

Good luck, highest quality turquoise, great workmanship, and a vibrant design – all by a renowned jeweler.

Wear this modern classic every day, and get compliments wherever you go.



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