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Petroglyph Cuff with Bisbee Turquoise


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Another masterful piece by this acclaimed silversmith. This handsome cuff has the meticulous workmanship associated with this award-winning artist, along with one of the most distinctive of turquoise stones. Precious Bisbee is one of the Top Three on the most-coveted-and rarest-turquoise hit parade. This richly figured, gorgeous, natural, high grade stone is beautifully enhanced by Arland Ben’s complex silver and gold work. The sterling silver body of the cuff is luxuriously covered in 14-karat gold petroglyph figures; a trademark of this award-winning jeweler. The background of the silver is darkened with acid, to better accentuate the polished metal elements, and set off the outstanding stone of typical, rich blue, with a dark maroon matrix. In a hand-cut bezel, the splendid stone is raised above the surface, and seems to glow from within. It is surrounded by a “quiet zone” of simple silver leaves superimposed on a plain, softly textured background. The design of this silver work is a very individual arrangement of stamping and other techniques, all carefully thought-out to show off the outstanding turquoise. The rest of the cuff displays a charming arrangement of prehistoric, traditional petroglyph figures symbolizing good luck: the spiral of life and water, stars, the moon, mountains, lightning, turtles, the hands of blessing and protection, food animals, and a couple – a human man and woman, holding hands. An unbeatable turquoise stone in a finely made silver and gold setting – this is a bracelet that will bring gasps. A sumptuous piece by an award-winning jeweler, this is a major work, by a major artist who is respectful of the quality of this significant stone, and whose metal work is equal in splendor.

Sterling Silver, 14k Gold, Natural Bisbee Turquoise

Total Size: 6 1/2″ Cuff Size: 5 3/8″ Gap Size: 1 1/8″ Width: 3/4″