Petroglyph and Coral Ring


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The artist’s effective design of contrasting polished silver elements applied onto a textured and oxidized background displays a wealth of good luck signs.

These ancient petroglyph symbols include: river and storm spirals, the hand of blessing, a dragonfly, raindrops, a bear, and a little branch of natural, red coral.

All good things, the emphasis is on the blessings of water (spirals, dragonfly, raindrops; hand of blessing) covering the land (red coral), together with good luck in hunting, and protection (the bear).

The cross is a sign that these blessings should cover  all living things, all over the world, in all four directions.

The vibrant red of the natural coral adds a spark of color and rounded form, for a rich effect against the dark and gleaming background.

In the Navajo way, there is beauty everywhere, even hidden on the reverse, where the casual observer wouldn’t see it, and on the broad shank itself.

Incised with lines like rainfall, and rows of eagles, the shank suggests that prayers for these blessings are being carried up to the heavens, by those high-soaring, sacred birds.

The brightly gleaming silver designs stand out, literally and figuratively, from the darkened and textured base.

Fabricated with the skill and clarity this artist is known for, this ring has a dramatic design, welcome symbols, and high quality coral, as well.

Definitely a ring to attract deserved admiration – from others, as well as you, who wears it!

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5/8" W, Shank is 1/2" W