Petoskey Stone Ring


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A major presence in the Indian art world, this revered award-winner has a special ability to use traditional Hopi motifs and techniques in a thoroughly contemporary way.

Case in point: this ring, which pairs a tufa-cast silver shank with an unusual stone.

Rugged, tufa-cast silver is patterned in parallel lines, usually referring to rainfall – a good luck sign.

In contrast, a slender oval of sunny beige Petoskey stone is embraced by a polished and scalloped, silver bezel.

Like Beauty and the Beast, the contrast of refined stone and rugged silver is intriguing, and unexpected.

Petoskey stone is actually a fossilized type of coral, formed by glacier activity millions of years ago, in the area of Petoskey, Michigan.

It is actually the official State Stone of Michigan! Notice the characteristic, circular pattern. It looks a lot like thinly sliced lemons, with delicate spokes within circles.

The graceful oval, and smooth, warm hue of the stone, is especially interesting on its tufa-cast band.

Like all of this much-honored jeweler’s work, this ring manages to be rugged and elegant at the same time – and a deal, besides!

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Natural Petosky Stone, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

7 1/2




1/2 ", Shank is 1/4" wide