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Petite Sugilite Pendant


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Here is your chance to acquire a delicate, but bold, piece of jewelry by this celebrated painter, jeweler, teacher and advocate, at an accessible price.

Moreover, by extension, it is a bit of American history: Ted’s late father, Mr. Ted Draper Sr., was one of the famous Navajo Code Talkers.

They devised a Navajo-based code that was never broken by our Japanese enemy in WWII, helping to win the war in the Pacific.

A graceful, rounded teardrop of natural, royal purple sugilite is surrounded by varied, but not distracting, silver work.

The hand cut stone is really substantial – 1/8″ high – with a marbled band of matrix along one side, which gives it more interest.

The bail is a squared loop, also hand made.

Beautifully formed, and embellished wth just enough detail, this gorgeous pendant will delight you who prefer smaller, ladylike pieces.

In shape, size,  and deep violet color, it evokes memories of dainty victorian lockets.

Bold and rich in hue, this is a beautiful pendant – perfect for a special gift – by a notable jeweler.



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Natural Sugilite, Sterling Silver


7/8" L x 3/4" W x 1/4" High