Petite Bisbee Pendant


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Fit for a Victorian lady, in dainty size and elaborate decoration, this charming pendant is “Navajo Victorian”.

Renowned for his colorful, wearable jewelry that is eagerly collected all over the world, Tommy Jackson departs, here, from his more customary modern inlay to create a pretty example of retro style – but in a sweetly petite size, with a legendary, natural turquoise stone.

Beautiful, deep and clean hand stamp work surrounds a center turquoise that is graceful, tapered teardrop in form.

Set high, the glorious blue of the turquoise, and its maroon matrix, immediately signal that this lovely stone is that highly coveted, increasingly rare, natural Bisbee, from a played-out mine in Arizona.

One of the top three most precious natural turquoise types, Bisbee is more often seen, now, in different types – smoky Bisbee, or even non-traditional colors – because the supply of existing premium stones if rapidly dwindling.

This petite beauty, however, is the best of Bisbee: intensely blue, with that tell-tale maroon matrix.

The silverwork is up to the same quality, with deeply stamped, traditional designs on darkened silver, highlighted by a few, tiny polished silver balls that glisten brightly.

The stamped silver and the rope-like bezel around the stone are set upon a bottom layer of silver that is cut out in the same, lacy pattern as the overlaid top.

With a classic design, today’s high level of workmanship, and a  timelessly splendid stone, this small beauty is both traditional, and modern – and wonderfully wearable.

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Natural Bisbee Turquoise, Sterling Silver


2 1/4" L x 7/8" W