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“Pennies from Heaven” Contemporary Necklace


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This is superb creativity and workmanship, as fashion; fashion as fun; fun that is timeless and wearable in any setting – and sure to be an heirloom. The young artist is already collected by museums around the country, as well as by avid connaisseurs everywhere. A cascade of silver disks – like silver pennies – form an unexpected swath of glitter and gleam above the attached pendant of inlaid mosaic stones. the large square is a gorgeous color block of different stones, including turquoise in several different hues and patterns of matrix; marbleized lilac sugilite, red coral, lapis, dark, translucent rosarita, and a piece of fossilized, prehistoric mammoth ivory. A sliver of jet forms the bottom. These beautiful stones are impeccably set into a box of sterling silver. Close your eyes, run your finger over it, and you’d never know there were eleven different stones – it feels like one ice-smooth surface. Suspended from this larger box of luscious color, two small squares. One little silver-boxed square hold two shades of turquoise and a strip of scintillating opal; the other holds a red coral, purple sugilite and luminous amber.They are each firmly attached to a series of silver loops which form a “squiggle” (technical term). Hand fashioned of rounded silver with a high polish, this sinuous form is a striking contrast to the rectangular, right angles of the inlaid pieces. Glinting silver sets off the stained-glass effect of spectacular stones, as the interplay of round and straight-edged shapes provides a wonderful tension that complements both. The whole is another wondrous creation of contemporary artistry and traditional workmanship of the highest level, by this superstar of the world of jewelry. The third generation of innovative Zuni jewelers – grandpa Leo Poblano; mother Veronica – Dylan and his sister, Jovanna, have forged their own award-winning styles. Dylan’s work is not only exceptional in design, it is made to be happily enjoyed for generations. PS This spectacular necklace would even be a great piece of wall art, when not worn.

Sterling Silver, Natural: Turquoise, Lapis, Peruvian Opal, Amber, Sugilite, Red Coral, Rosarita, Mammoth Ivory, Jet

Length: 16 3/4″Pendant Width: 1″ Pendant Height: 4 3/4″