Pendant with Blue Diamond Turquoise


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“The apple doesn't fall far from the tree”, or, in this case, the silver and turquoise don't fall far from the workbench. Daughter of Earl Plummer, who has won prestigious awards at the most prestigious shows, this young lady shows she has the family chops. Seemingly as delicate as a snowflake or a flower, this beautiful pendant has remarkable silver work and a splendid natural turquoise, from the Blue Diamond mine. The concho style pendant has lovely stamping around the scalloped edge, with more, amazingly fine, matching stamping around the domed blue turquoise. The bail is also stamped, to complete the composition.Between the scalloped edge and the lacy bezel, there is a broad, convex area that is entirely covered with a pebbly texture of tiny little domes of silver. With a variety of meticulous, artful and pretty designs, the pendant seems to be made of lace, rather than solid silver. The artist has repeated the circular motif in the basic form and all the rest of the piece, culminating in the domed, round turquoise. This is an exquisite pendant, impeccably made by hand, by a new generation of fine silversmiths. Since she is just beginning a promising career, the price doesn't rise to the level of the workmanship, design and materials. So, catch this rising star before she hits the stratosphere.

Sterling Silver, Natural Blue Diamond Turquoise

Width: 2″ Height: 2 1/2″ Depth: 1/2″