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Pearl and Silver Dangles


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Her Shawnee tribe’s jewelry traditions are mostly contained in beadwork; Shawn’s childhood was spent in New Zealand, and elsewhere around the world.

With an intercultural and international background, she is unencumbered by any traditions in form or materials.

Like all this artist’s jewelry, these earrings are both beautiful and precisely made, of noble materials, and truly unlike any other indigenous artist’s style.

Feminine, delicate and dainty, these earrings are also tailored, geometric, and attention magnets, everywhere in the world, day or night.

Sterling silver, with a patinated design, encircles a lustrous pearl that glows like the full moon.

Dangling from this luminous, domed top, a boxed triangle of brushed silver sports a pattern of tiny stamped circles.

These have been given a gold-like patina, so you have the yin/yang of warm and cool colors in one handsome earring.

The other opposing tension is in the shapes:  circles and straight-sided triangles set each other off beautifully.

Handmade, with an attention to detail that matches skill with artistic vision, these are exceptionally wearable earrings at a very accessible price.

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1 1/2 L x 1/2 W


Pearls, Sterling Silver