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“Peace and Love” Pendant


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Rodeo champion, horse breeder and trainer, Shane is also actively involved in monitoring the integrity of Native arts, serves on the board of the Santa Fe Indian Market, and has been voted IACA Artist of the Year – more than once.

Evidently, real men ( at least really talented, prize-winning men ) create graceful, daintily intricate, elegant – even feminine – pieces, like this beautiful pendant.

Several different techniques resulted in this exquisite pendant, including chasing, applique, chiseling, and mokume gane.

Used in samurai weaponry for centuries, mokume gane technique blends silver and copper, hammered together until they become one, prettily patterned, solid metal.

The circular top features a minutely chiseled border, and gracefully curved arabesque forms of sterling silver.

The curled water symbols stand out against the darkened silver background in color and texture.

Mokume gane fills in the rest of the pendant, with its swirling, random pattern of mixed copper and silver.

An arrowhead-shaped form fronts the bail, pointing toward the water symbols.

A beautifully shaped and detailed silver feather dangles from the pendant, with a mokume gane tip.

With a polished spine, and wrapped tie to the pendant, the darker tip marks it as an eagle feather, meant to send hopes and prayers up to the heavens.

On the reverse, exquisitely decorative and intricate chasing surrounds a double banner of polished silver, proclaiming “Peace & Love” – a message worthy of the eagle feather.

The design and font resemble an old-fashioned, Victorian locket.

A champion in several ways, this artist has created another winner.


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2 5/8" L X 1" W


Mokume Gane, Sterling Silver