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Patterned Silver Bracelet


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Dan Romero was widely acclaimed in recent decades for his striking personal style of cast silver jewelry, as well as incredibly intricate portraits in inlay work.

Tragically, he is no longer able to work because of poor health. However, his wife, Luella, has begun to cast some pieces for him, from his own, original molds.

This exceptionally handsome bracelet is one of these “new” pieces.

Taken directly from nature, the design is based on the pattern of dried saguaro cactus stalks, part of the artist’s Arizona Yaqui heritage.

The overlaid pattern shows up like a modern design – even a little art deco – against the darkened silver background.

On the interior, the silver is smoothly burnished for comfort.

Dramatic, refined, and bold all at once, this bracelet is a wear-all-the-time piece. Make it your signature piece, and revel in the compliments.


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Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 3/4"

Gap Size

1 1/8"

Wrist Size

6 7/8"


1 1/4" W