Pastel Tablita Figure

Sheldon Harvey


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With paintings in museums and personal collections, Sheldon won Best of Show at the Santa Fe Indian Market, as well as having a painting chosen for the official poster, in the same year. He is a major name in contemporary art, whether Native or not.

His mixed-media sculptures are made of wood, fabric, feathers, metals, stains, and paint. The striking images he paints and sculpts are his artistic visions of the supernatural and sacred beings from Navajo stories that he heard as a child. He keeps his images non-specific in order to maintain the mystery inherent in Navajo sacred lore.

This gorgeous piece is all about water, the source of life, and essential for harvests. Therefore, water – especially in the high desert – is a symbol of happiness, good health, and prosperity. Dragonflies symbolize water since they flit above and around waterways. Both water and sun are needed to propagate crops, so in addition to the purples, blues, drops, and lines of rain that enrich this gorgeous piece, there is the golden yellow of sunlight, too.

Richly complex in detail, texture, dimensionality, and color, the figure is dominated by the immense headdress or tablita.

The tablita features arrowheads at the very top, usually for protection, and arrowheads going down, symbolizing the power of the blessings coming from above. Tied in with the dragonfly and water motifs, this would be a tremendous blessing for the people and animals for water and in turn, prosperity, health, etc.

Permanently attached to a sturdy, painted metal base, this brilliant decorative sculpture is all set to adorn your mantel, shelf, niche, or stand freely on the floor. A fabulous piece by this major artist!

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