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Pastel-Hued Yei Mask


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Sheldon Harvey’s paintings and multi-media sculptures are in major collections throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

A few years ago, he was awarded Best of Show at Santa Fe Indian Market, as well as having a painting selected for its official poster, and a sculpture also in contention for Best in Show!

These were incredible and unique honors for a young man in his thirties!

His sculptures are based on Navajo lore, influenced by the stories his grandfather used to tell him.

Spiritual, as well as abstract, the images he paints and sculpts are his artistic visions of the supernatural and sacred beings from the Navajo creation and emergence stories.

He keeps his images non-specific, in order to maintain the mystery inherent in Navajo culture.

Now, his multi-media work has moved from the floor or shelf to the wall, in the form of engaging masks, like this one.

It depicts a Yei, a Navajo spirit. Abstract, as usual, this mask is interesting in form and lovely in coloration.

Just the thing to enliven your wall, this friendly looking Yei represents the harmony of Nature, with water and sun in balance.

The palette has a couple of vivid accents but is mostly gently muted.

The coral and soft peach hues suggest the red mesas and cliffs of the land, while the delicate blues suggest the sky and water, and the warm golds, the sun.

The protruding pieces over the “face” represent feathers, which carry prayers for harmony and balance to the heavens.

Enjoy it for itself, and/or for its cultural interest – either way, it will generate conversations and decorate your days, beautifully.

For even more visual complexity, arrange it among other works of art.


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Paint, Wood


31" wide x 10" high x 9" deep