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Parrot Sculpture/Fetish


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A superlative  fetish/sculpture, carved from one solid piece of “Bumblebee” jasper, by this admirable, Hawaiian/Zuni artist.

He is now out of the military, back at Zuni, and hard at work creating marvelous, prize-winning fetishes, which are also, really, table sculptures

This dazzling parrot demonstrates why he is already a multiple award-winner.

Parrots play a part in some of the Pueblos’ origin stories: Supposedly, two birds’ eggs were shown to the people, one in a lovely color, the other one drab and plain.

The people were told to choose one egg, and the bird that hatched would stay with them; the other, rejected embryonic bird would flay far away to the south.

They chose the pretty egg, which became a raven; the other, plain egg hatched into a colorful parrot, which flew off.

In this brilliant carving, masterful control of the wildly variegated stone vibrantly simulates the tropical hues of a parrot, even though the colors are not naturalistic.

The preponderance of soft green and vivid golds does suggest the real colors of a parrot, while the darker band defines the wings and breast.

More bright gold, and bands of green and grey, are on the tail of the parrot, which is perched on a carved-out rock formation.

Notice how the claws are realistically carved and textured, as are the wings and face.

Vivid red coral eyes add a quizzical, alert, very parrot-y  expression.

Although the stone is not strictly natural in its coloration, the vibrancy of the bands, and the brilliant gold and green hues, create an artistic version of a parrot.

The carving is most realistic, from the careful incising to the turn and pose of the parrot’s head.

Perched on your shelf, table, desk or mantel, this dramatic parrot will never fly away, but will bring beauty and sunshine-y color, all year long.

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Natural Bumblebee Jasper, Natural Red Coral


5 1/4" H x 2" W x 2 1/4" Deep