Parents & Children Storyteller



Another fabulous storyteller artist from Jemez Pueblo.

Carol is linked to two prominent pottery families, and is noted for exceptional precision, and the pretty faces of her figures.

This handsome group is an entire family: mother, father, and four children; two girls, two boys.

Depicting a pair of adult storytellers is unusual, and especially delightful as they are parents.

Each figure was individually fashioned from clay that was gathered, mixed, coiled, formed, pit-fired, and painted by hand.

Mother is seated, her moccasin feet stretched out from under her traditional Pueblo dress.

Father is also seated (he’s very tall!); you can see each of his white moccasin soles protruding on either side of Mother’s skirt.

In fact, Big Brother is standing on his dad’s left foot. Father’s voluminous blanket drapes around, and shelters, the whole family.

It is beautifully painted in varying hues and tones of natural clay slips, with traditional designs.

Both parents wear large handsome necklaces of turquoise. So do each of the children; each of theirs is in keeping with their age and size.

Each figure is individual and engrossed in some activity: Little Brother holds a toy drum, on his father’s shoulder; Big Sister is happily reading a book on Mother’s lap, with help from her brother. who is turning the pages.

Sister’s doll is lying, ignored for now, on Mother’s lap, as well.

Mother is holding the book, while the other sister is gleefully holding a large plate or basket, snuggled next to her mother.

Typical of this artist, each element and figure is both formed and painted with exquisite clarity and detail.

Simply, a beautiful, decorative, family.






















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