Pair of Wolves Fetish


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“O-woooo” this is a fine pair of howling wolves! Wolves are the Protective and Hunting Guardians of the East, one of the six, directional Guardian animals.

Carved from pipestone with meticulous care, these furry pelts are textured, the heads are physically accurate, their well-muscled bodies are ready to spring, and their fluffy tails are as fluffy as stone can be.

Wolves have very powerful hunting skills, as well as equally strong traits of fidelity (they mate for life), family loyalty (they live in packs), and protection. That is why they are often carved in pairs.

Poised on a base of nicely layered and polished Zuni jet, their turquoise eyes are a colorful contrast to the brick-red pipestone. They are howling in unison; a very compatible couple.

Finely carved, full of great movement, detail and contrasting materials, this is a really wonderful wolf fetish.



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Jet, Pipestone, Turquoise


2 7/8" L x 2 3/4" W x 1 5/8" H