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Pair of Bears Antler Carving


Antler carving of 2 bears facing each other, with turquoise eyes. One piece of antler vertebrae carved into a ring base.

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The bear is Guardian of the North, symbol of protection and blessing. This carving is of two bears, so the power must be doubled!

Natural antler has been sliced, and carved into two bears from that one piece. The pose of the animals, their proportions, and the finely carved texture of their furry pelts are all naturalistic. Details such as the claws, ears and muzzles are carefully and realistically carved, as well. Given the natural color of the antler, these must be polar bears; their inlaid eyes are turquoise

Handsome, full of detail and realistic action, this is a marvelous carving that conveys double blessings.

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Natural antler, Turquoise


1 1/2" high x 1 7/8" diameter