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Painted Pottery Owl


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A fetching little pottery owl, plump and rotund.

He has a serious, but friendly, expression, and sports a stylized cornstalk on his back. Corn means plenty to eat and, therefore, happy people.

Owls eat insects, which include those that eat crops, so they are very welcome among Pueblo farmers.

(Not for the Navajo, though; owls are scary harbingers of doom, death and gloom for them.)

This adorable little fellow is Jemez, so he is a welcome addition to your home.

Blue-rimmed eyes, stylized feathered wings in a pleasing palette, and rain signs flanking the cornstalks; he is full of good luck.

Completely traditional, from hand-gathered, coiled, and smoothed, natural clay and clay slips; fired in the ground.

Only the blue, orange and white pigments are  commercial paint, the rest is from Mother Nature.

A real charmer, and a fine way to start a collection – or add to one.

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Natural Handmade Clay, Commercial Paints, Natural Vegetal Paint


3" H x 2 3/4" W x 2 1/4" Deep