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Painted Gourd with Kokopelli


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We enjoy the creativity of artists who work with natural gourds, and here is a fun example.

Steven Lente, of Tesuque Pueblo, has used paint and lacquer, to transform the natural finish of the gourd.

Now, it resembles a piece of glossy, burnished, Navajo pottery.

The perky stem on this gourd gives the piece a cheery, rather sassy look that is appealing.

The expertly painted surface, complete with painted fire clouds (the dark areas) on beautifully modulated reddish browns, looks just like traditional Navajo pots.

Aside from the background finish, the main feature is a bright yellow Kokopelli.

Kokopelli is the Bringer of Life, to Pueblo people; he blows the seeds that make all forms of life grow.

But for the Navajo, he is the Flute-Player, as seen on ancient petroglyph designs, and that is how the artist depicted him, here.

With a feather on its stem, the gourd looks as jaunty as having a feather in its cap.

It is wonderful, the way the artist used all the natural characteristics of the gourd, as well as his considerable painting skill.

Not a major, serious piece, but a delightful one!

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9 3/4"H x4 3/4" Diameter


Acrylic Paint, Lacquer, Natural Feather, Natural Gourd