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Painted Corn Maiden Pendant


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An award-winning artist, he has created a completely unique style, technique and choice of materials, by combining his interests in pottery and jewelry.

This remarkable, hand-painted ceramic jewelry has been featured in national magazines, awarded many prizes, and is included in many major collections of Native art.

Gracefully designed with a series of concentric ovals, this pendant celebrates the Corn Maiden, symbol of good health, happiness and prosperity.

The base silver is one oval, the shape of the painted design is another, smaller one, and the form of the Corn Maiden’s body is the last, and smallest.

A pristine, beautifully simple, silver frame glistens, allowing the complex design within to glow like a stained glass window.

The dazzlingly precise design is full of radiant color and intricate detail, and is meticulously painted by hand, on ceramic.

Corn is the Native’s staff of life, in the Southwest, and this figure represents the Spirit of harvest.

Corn Maiden’s face is divided into four  sections, like a Sunface, and holds both warm and cool colors, symbolizing the balance of earth and sky, sun and rain, which is optimal.

Above and at either side, angular spirals and triangular forms refer to water and rainfall, while the background seems illuminated with the red of a setting sun – and the same red of the land.

These angular spirals diminish in size as they rise toward the top of the painting, culminating in a tiny cross,

That means the blessing of rain, and abundant crops, should extend to all four corners of the world.

Notice how precisely the kernels are painted, on her body. Individual, tiny kernels are even variegated in color, denoting Indian corn.

Her hair and face, too, are incredibly detailed in minute strokes. The feathers above her head symbolize prayers for enough rain for a good harvest.

They are tipped in black, emulating eagle feathers that carry the prayers up to the heavens.

The rich green of her healthy leaves is a complementary hue to the red and orange background., completing the vibrant palette.

Distinctive in method, execution, and appearance, this pendant is not only gorgeously decorative, but meaningful – made for someone who values the exceptional.

(The bail is broad enough to slide over beads, as well as heishi, nuggets, or whatever.)

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Ceramic, Enamel Paints, Sterling Silver


2 1/2" L x 1 1/8" W