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Painted Ceramic Choker


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This award-winning artist has created a completely unique style, technique, and choice of materials, by combining his interests in pottery and jewelry.

Allen’s remarkable, hand-painted ceramic jewelry has been featured in national magazines, awarded many prizes, and is included in many major collections of Native art.

A well-wrought, beautifully simple silver frame glistens calmly, allowing the complex design within to glow like a stained glass window.

The dazzlingly intricate design is full of radiant color and lively movement, and is meticulously painted by hand.

It is beautifully composed, a vibrant mosaic design containing many traditional symbols:an abstract Sunface at the left, divided into segments showing rain and cloud signs, with feathers, and more rain signs around it.

A tiny cross-like figure at bottom left signifies that the great blessing of water, rain, and resulting harvests, are to be shared with all four corners of the world.

A palette of assertive reds, orange, and yellow reflect the sun; the cool blues and greens refer to water, sky and rain.

Nature is in balance, thematically and visually, which is the Navajo ideal.

The arched pendant sits on a dainty, chiseled silver choker, formed into gentle waves that continues the theme.

This delicate hand-wrought choker can be worn separately, since the pendant slips off it, and the pendant can be added to different chains – two masterful pieces in one!

Unique in its concept and materials, with flawless workmanship, this is a special piece.

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Ceramic, Commercial Paint, Sterling Silver


Choker is 16 1/4" L | Pendant is 7/8" L x 5/8" W