Owl Kachina Dancer


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This Hopi artist is noted for his breathtaking detail and realism, on a small scale.

Here, an Owl kachina dancer is shown in full regalia, with astonishing details.

From the feathers of the mask to the folds in the knotted shawl, to the hands gripping the medicine bag, the fringed and soft-soled moccasins, knobby knees, kilt, and more, the realism is so clearly depicted that it becomes almost surreal.

In effective contrast to the meticulous detail, the background is softly abstract, suggesting pretty blue sky and sun-warmed ground.

Custom matted and framed; all set to display on wall or table-top.

The archival mattes will ensure that the picture remains as vibrant as it is, for generations.

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Ink, Watercolor


11" high x 10" wide, including archival mattes and frame