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Overlay/Inlay Bear Earrings


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The bear is the protective Guardian of the West, an animal respected and revered by almost every tribe for its powerful strength, hunting abilities, and intelligence. Now, you can double your protection with two bears, one for each ear.


Hand-fashioned from two layers of sterling silver, these handsome bears gleam against their darkened and textured “shadows” – the bottom layer of silver. Minimally detailed, they nevertheless are beautifully shaped and proportioned, quite realistic bears. Handsomely formed, natural apple coral heartlines are inlaid in each, moving from the mouth toward the back. They represent the powers of the bear, extending from deep inside, and make a restrained contrast to the silver, while adding neutral color and warmth.


Carry your protection with you and collect compliments, too. These are small enough to wear to work, but interestingly different enough to be noticed.


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Natural Apple Coral, Sterling Silver


1 1/16 " wide x 1" high