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Overlay Swirl Pendant with Pearl


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Here is a new version of the swirling feather pattern favored by this mega-gifted jeweler from Isleta Pueblo.

Feathers, especially eagle feathers, carry hopes and prayers up to the heavens since birds fly so high.

These abstract feathers are flawlessly cut out and overlaid on a darkened and textured base of silver.

The pattern covers the piece entirely, with cut out edges, so the whole pendant looks like a burst of feathers, frozen into silver.

The design features individual feathers facing different directions, and somewhat on the diagonal, adding to the impression of animated movement.

In the center, a beautiful pearl is set high, surrounded by a cut-out silver frame.

With its smooth surface and pearlescence, it is a lovely counterpoint to the oxidized silver cutouts.

Scrupulously fabricated by hand, the detail and clean construction are obviously the work of a master of his craft!


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Pink Pearl, Sterling Silver


2 1/4


1 1/8"