Overlay Sunface Bracelet


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Brother-in-law of the celebrated Paul Saufkie, Gerald is also a major-award-winning jeweler.

He has received many honors and awards, including a coveted fellowship from SWAIA, sponsor of the Santa Fe Indian Market, and a Best of Jewelry Division prize, at Indian Market, for a splendid concho belt, a few years ago.

Gerald believes that successful jewelry must not only be beautiful and innovative, it also must be comfortable and wearable.

This exquisitely fabricated overlay bracelet fits the whole bill.

The celebrated precision of his work results sometimes from using dental tools, adapted and modified for his own use, as needed!

On this beautifully proportioned and designed cuff, the whole design relates to the happy balance of Nature that results in thriving crops, and bountiful harvests.

Therefore, people  prosper, and are healthy and happy.

In the front, the Sunface, surrounded by stylized eagle feathers and chiseled sun rays, represents prayers for water and rain, to balance the sun.

Tiny vertical chisel marks, above and below this center design, suggest falling rain.

On either side of the Sunface, and the almost subliminal rainfall marks, stand two delicate and graceful cornstalks, life-giving products of the balance of sun and rain.

Behind cornstalks and the Sunface, the base silver is darkened to a matte black. Against that, the polished silver motifs glisten and gleam.

The ends of the cuff are plain, polished silver, keeping attention on the handsome designs.

Needless to say, the overlaid designs are all as flawlessly achieved as they are beautiful.

Understated, but exquisite in design and execution, this is a splendid example of the best of Hopi overlay.

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