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Overlay Sunface and Bear Paw Buckle


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This overlaid silver buckle consists of an array of bear paws that surround a tranquil Sunface.

The bear paws are place in quadrants, and the Sunface is enclosed in a circle.

There is a lovely interplay of lines and curves: the rays of the sun are echoed in the tapered claws.

And, the angular water spirals in the paws complement the slight curves and lines elsewhere in the piece.

Bears are powerful heads of the food chain, and often invoked for their powers of survival and protection.

Sun and water in harmony produce enough to eat, health, abundance and happiness.

This significant message is beautifully presented with exceptionally clean workmanship and a striking, harmonious design.

A belt 1 1/2″ wide will fit.

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Sterling Silver


3" W x 2 1/2" H