Overlay Silver Watch Tips

Tommy Singer



Tommy Singer was an award-winning and internationally known silversmith, throughout the fifty years of his career which ended with his passing in  2014, in a motorcycle accident.

He learned silversmithing from his father, a Navajo medicine man, as a 7-year-old. Tommy’s early works were done in silver overlay and segued into adding stones.

However, Tommy was best known for chip inlay work, which he credited with pioneering, and is used by many artists to this day.

In later years, he returned to the fine overlay work of his youth, and this style is now continued by his wife, Rosita. Her renewal of Tommy’s work is signed T&R Singer.

However, the handsome, graphic, and flawless, overlay design on these silver watch tips are signed T.Singer, alone, indicating that they were fabricated by the noted artist, himself, before that tragic accident.

Water and sun symbols are elegantly combined to stand out from the blackened silver background. Not only dramatic, they convey good luck, too.

The expanding watchband is commercially made stainless steel. Any jeweler can fit a watch to this band, or the tips may be attached to a band of your choosing.

A fine example of this famous jeweler’s overlay work that began, and ended his artistic journey.

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