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Overlay Silver Good Luck Band


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Endlessly creative, this well-known, award-winning jeweler repeatedly innovates while somehow retaining a signature style.

He was mentored by some exceptional jewelers: Norbert Peshlakai, the late Gibson Nez, and Raynard Scott to name a few. While absorbing the discipline of exacting silver work, he has developed his own look and designs.

This ring displays all the design creativity and skillful silver work of his larger pieces, in a decorative, graphic band.

Showing up graphically against the darkened base, a stylized bear marks the center, signifying protection and survival savvy. It is surrounded by a stylized bird, a tadpole above, an arrowhead to the right, and tiny dots that symbolize raindrops. To the right, a decorative water spiral, and other signs; to the left, another fancy water spiral, and etched dragonflies, 4-directions crosses, and more dots. These water signs are wonderful luck for high desert people.

The nice thickness of the polished silver overlay, and its gleaming surface, are handsome contrasts to the dark background.

Lots of good luck, good-looking design, and precise silver work, in one ring.

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Sterling Silver

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1/2 "