Overlay Scene Bracelet with Large Bisbee


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This highly respected, award-winning, and widely collected artist’s contemporary vision of Pueblo symbols is a well-loved trademark. A sensational bracelet that carries on his delightful overlay design tradition also flaunts a magnificent, large, natural Bisbee turquoise, one of the most-coveted and rarest of stones.


Not only large and natural, this super-gorgeous turquoise has the glorious, rich blue and maroon-ish matrix that only the finest examples of Bisbee exhibit. This stone alone is a collector’s dream. Moreover, thie bracelet is doubly wonderful: there is another, totally different, “secret” appliqued design on the inside, known only to the wearer (unless you feel like sharing).


On the exterior, you see a myriad of good luck symbols, promising good health, abundance, prosperity and happiness: Baskets of corn, rain showers, vigorous cornstalks, turtles, fish, bears, hands of blessing and protection, lightning, raindrops over water, and waves of water. Also, Pueblo houses peacefully sleeping under a starry sky, with little gold moons and suns sprinkled throughout the designs.


On the interior, the “private” side has a central medallion of a basket of corn cobs. Night scenes of Pueblo houses flank this symbol of all good things, with tiny ladders, three-dimensional stars, clouds, gold moons, and even shooting stars. All these precise and beautifully formed symbols are overlaid, or appliqueed onto the darkened silver background, both inside and out, so there are really 3-4 layers of silver in this piece.


Health, happiness, abundance and general good luck abound on both sides of this astounding bracelet – plus, of course, that superb, exquisite turquoise. This is an investment in beauty and quality that will never change. Bisbee Size: 7/8″ W x 1 3/8″ H



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