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Overlay Lizard Pin


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One of the finest, traditional overlay jewelers from Hopi, until eye problems, and the theft of his tools, effectively ended his career, Bob was a perennial favorite.

His overlay work is precise, detailed, decorative and flawless.

Happily, this wonderfully graphic, overlaid silver lizard pin recently resurfaced, to our delight and your good fortune.

On the darkened and minutely textured background, the sinuous lizard covers most of the pin’s surface.

There are storm and water signs on his back, and to the side, while his long tail contains the parallel lines symbolizing rainfall, and circles, denoting drops of water.

The artist designed him so that the tail curls around, from bottom to head, neatly reinforcing the circularity of the piece.

Notable, as well, is the delicacy and precision of the claws, the sawtooth lightning sign, and the general exactness of the overlay work.

Polished to a medium luster, this lizard is as handsome a fellow as you will meet. pin him, or even pin him to a chain or collar, or beads – he doesn’t have to be straight up.

A masterful piece of overlay work, by a past master. Don’t know that we have any other pieces left.


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Sterling Silver


2" Diameter