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Overlay Landscape Buckle


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An established prize-winner, although still a young man, this artist is admired for the detail and texture of his motifs of traditional Navajo life. Here, he seems to have painted or drawn with silver, rather than paint, so realistic is the scene.This extraordinary buckle has a darkened silver background against which the cliffs, clouds, and images of traditional Navajo life stand out in three-dimensional relief. Iconic images of his heritage include a horse, sheep, log hogan, women weaving a rug, and characteristic, desert plants such as yucca and pinon tree.The rocky face of the cliffs, and the ground, are meticulously and realistically shown. Each element: horse, sheep, hogan, clouds, figures, even the tub of oats, the wooden supports of the loom, and the spiky leaves of the yucca, is just as carefully rendered. Look closely – there is even a dog or cat sitting in the doorway of the hogan!In addition, there is a sensitive arrangement of texture and raised, polished silver surfaces, including a 14-karat gold sun, above the clouds. The frame of this picture is also highly polished silver, slightly convex, to conform to the curve of the human body. This buckle is more than a spectacular work of art – it also works comfortably. This buckle can also be displayed on a table easel, just like a picture, so you can enjoy it on or off a belt. Prize-winning artistry by this remarkable silversmith, created a wearable “painting” of traditional Navajo life. Surely, this will be a cherished heirloom.

Sterling Silver, 14-Karat Gold

Width: 3″ Height: 1 5/8″