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Overlay Koshare and Corn Pendant


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Cited in a major reference book on American Indian jewelry “… as one of the greatest overlay jewelers in history,” the notice goes on to say that Chalmers Day’s “jewelry takes one on a journey into the Hopi world.” This handsome pendant demonstrates both statements, beautifully.Enclosed in a graceful crescent of polished silver, a robust cornstalk shares the stage with a dancing Koshare figure. A silver ear of corn dangles below. The polished design elements sparkle, while the blackened background is also textured. The hair, stripes, dried cornhusk horns on his head, medicine bag, etc of the Koshare are wonderfully clear, as are the leaves of ht cornstalk.Corn represents the staff of life; enough to eat results in good health and well-being, for the people. Koshare is a clown, but, in the Indian way, he is a sacred figure, as well. Here, he is seriously dancing to encourage a plentiful harvest, as symbolized by the cornstalk. With fine precision and detail, this artist presents the elements of abundance, prosperity, good health and happiness with animation and grace. This masterful piece is both good-luck and exceptionally good-looking.

Sterling Silver

Height: 3 3/8″ Diameter: 2″