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Overlay Horse Pendant


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Horse-lovers – and those who love them – alert!

Here is a spirited steed who is already galloping toward your house, but requires minimal upkeep. And he is loaded with good luck symbols, too.

Gerald is a highly regarded jeweler whose work has won many awards, including a coveted fellowship from SWAIA, the sponsor of the Santa Fe Indian Market.

This wonderful little pendant shows a polished silver horse, with loving, naturalistic detail in the modeling of the head, mane, tail, and hooves.

He is overlaid on a slightly larger piece of darkened and textured silver, so there is a shadow effect.

On his body, are a  stamped Sunface sign, along with a crescent moon, and star shapes.

The sun and moon suggest that the blessing of a good horse is to extend to all four corners of the earth, both night, and day.

Pristine workmanship, a beautifully realized design, and a very wearable size for both men and women make this horse one to stable at your house, ASAP!

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Sterling Silver


1" H x 1 5/8" W